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Hey there! I bet you didn’t see this coming lol okay jk. It hasn’t been that long since I made my first follow forever (like in 4/ 5 months ago). But then I reached another milestone of followers and I just got the time to spend on this. It’s nothing fancy and idk if anyone even cares about this. I just started my new semester and the first week was hella boring. 

Eh and after a few months, this blog has multiplied in the number of fandoms. I’m in so much pain due to this. K-pop has ruined my life, I never sign up for this /weeps in a corner/. Thank you for bearing with my super multifandom and super unorganized blog! 

Kay enough of blabbering, this follow forever is made to thank all of my amazing followings and followers. I want to thank everyone in my followings list, you guys never fail to fill my dashboard with rainbows and unicorns (which weirdly gives me a lot of pains haha). And my dear followers, idek why did you guys chose to stick with this sh*tty blog. Words can’t express my gratitude but THANK YOU EVERYONE, I TREASURE EVERY EACH OF YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU AND YOU.

Pardon my graphic, I was going to make a few more but then eh I suck at making it. Here’s the list for my 2nd follow forever, it didn’t change that much. I’m sorry if I didn’t include any of you. I’m forgetful like that orz. Do talk to me! 

bold = mutuals  | italic = tumblr crush | *aestrisk = fave

a - b - c - d - e
*ajummataeng aprils-end *athaenas ayo-sonyeoshidae bangsojin 
beastloren *beautifulgeneration beautifulvelvet bigbaeng boxxsaltz 
*buttaerfly dohdoro duoshitae *empirestateofgirlsgeneration *eventvr

f - g - h - i - j
favoun florensic *ggoh *girls-gen gor-jessicat gracefulparadox hersheyjerzey heylululu honey217 honeytaeng hwang-tiffany hwanggies hyosic ibleedpastelpink *icepearls idolizesicat itsgirlsday *jesschest jesseseo *jessicajungs jessicasboxers jjong *justmyperfectgoddess

k - l - m - n - o
k1myeon *kakkaiwa kidtaeyeon krystals kyungsifer leetaes lensosi m-iyoung *meemossi monoka naerong namtae neko-kyun *ninegorgeousdorks ninthwish *ot9s

u - v - w - x - y - z - #
wendy-blues wesleyaccola wonsoka wooricholding *yoonyvl yosics younas yxras 0-fivethirty 092252 4eversone 89418

Bonus: Lucky biggest fans!
mesufei glyncasi19 taewife firzah-lah


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Anonymous said:
Buttaerfly-sshi, are you Baekhyun? They discovered you on baekyeon tag

lol, what are you taking about? 

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The owner of this blog has too many feelings for Girls’ Generation.

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Taetiseo ‘Holler’ Teaser Pictures

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72/100 of sica trying to kill me

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72/100 of sica trying to kill me

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sooyyoung said:
(you're super pretty)

i’m not omg lol .. thank you c:

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Anonymous said:
picture of yourself?

do you want to see my face? .-.

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because Soshi’s songs have a lot of meaning

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