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When a lesbian tells me she hasn’t watched The L Word:



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how to choose the right car (tips by kim taeyeon)

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hello to my super duper lovely followers! i recently hit a very large amount of followers and i just couldn’t believe it alkdsjf;lsdfj!!! why you guys follow me is a wonder to me because i’m literally the biggest idiot. i appreciate each and every one of you so so sosoososososoos much, you have no idea. i’ve been meaning to do a follow forever for the longest time but decided to make one once i reached my goal. thank god it happened or i wouldn’t have made one lololol. anyways, THANK YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY DIFFERENT OBSESSIONS. THANK YOU FOR NOT UNFOLLOWING ME. THANK YOU SO MUCH. ;; 

listed below are blogs i will probably follow for a very very very VERY long time. most i’ve been following for ages and some i can’t get myself to unfollow. each and every one of you make tumblr wonderful with your pretty edits, gifs, etc. you guys are all so wonderful and i’m glad you exist. don’t ever stop posting or i will have to resort to violence lol. ^^ if you’re not on here, don’t fret! you’re probably on my blogroll. :)

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thank you so so so so much!!!

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Jessica for SOUP 2014

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