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bandshidae 2007  2013

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Hey everyone! I decided to finally make my first follow forever because I just reached my next thousand ^^ Below are just a ton of blogs that make my dash pretty. Please go check them out! By the way, I made a draft for this a long time ago so check for your old urls below, just in case. I really really hope I didn’t forget anyone.

a-h; asoomatic astrospace baekbiter bhcys beautifulgeneration blessingofmay btobsucks byeontaeng buttaerfly celo-mar cheesykebin cngeneration craeyeons cyjjangyo dokaiso dynamiteisei evonrun eunjies exolutely fanyhoney fanyeons fanys florensic foreverfany foryourwish fqzpocky girlsgenerationyuri girl-groups hallyus hersheyjerzey henyah heylululu hityourheart hwayoon hyoyeon hyosic

i-q; ibleedpastelpink icehaiku icepearls jennytaetae jesschest jesstals jieuns jinkitten jumpinmyheart jvngsica j-essicat kaidashian kandycute kimtaeism la-rosa-del-sur monoka naerong ninepearls ninequeens ninthwish noogieboogie ofjongin pilsuks

r-z; ruby-sica sailorseo saranghaeyos seoguma seo-han seo-mate sexybassist sicats snsdwaytogo snsd9wishes sonyuhs soonomi soosicat sooyoens sooyeonssi soshimallows soshimoshi soshiplanet soshiyoung spacepack sujongz sullis sunkyus sunlethscape suyoungs taejumma taenggyu taenghan taengsicas taengay taenghan taengshi taengsik taenypush taeoff taetiseo taeveons taeyeonnxp tae-woo taesunamo telepany tellsmeyourwish tfnys thebarbieshow thepeppermintice thsmithgazer toeyeon tohososhi wethesones wooyoung wtfblooda wu-fan yoonyvl younas yultisic

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16/30 Fancams of Taeyeon

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“Having a greater happiness after finding smaller ones; that’s my goal in life.”

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Hello guys! So basically I’ve been going and coming back and leaving then returning again yet again yet again. But this time I swear I am going to be staying permanently until my exams come. When they come, I will just be on hiatus, but I’ll be popping back on as much as I can. For now, I’ve hit 300 followers in a week or so, so here a list of amazing bloggers that I just love so much and they keep my blog nice and healthy! Please do follow all of them!

(NOTE: Bolded URLs are my “awesome sauce friends” while Italiced URLs are who I consider amazing senpais)

1-0: 1stmelody, 4eversone, 0-fivethirty

A-H: akimotosayaka, annefong, baekind, baektastic, baekzelo, buttaerfly, buttaes, byeontaeng, cu-tae, eunjies, exlucifer, florensic, gorjessbbheylululu, hwangies, hwangpanys, hwayoon, hyosic, hyunseungies

I-P: iluhanati, jesstals, jieuns, jinribum, jungmiyoungs,  kaidashian, kandycute, keynf, keyoppa, keysic, kibummee, kim-jongin, kimtae-tae, kittenluna, kwonyuree, kyeowa, liucifer, liusbian, leesunnykyu, masiwons, minigumiho, minkaeru, moonhwalk, m-iyoung, ninedoves, ninepearls, nineunnies, nyuhdae, parkssojin

Q-Z: rosaquatica, ruby-sica, taecutie, taelefanyy, taemilky, taengasms, taengbutt, taenghan, taengie, taengtropy, taenguz, taenyinvincible, taesunamotaeyoungs, taeyulseofany, taeyummy, teddybeargun, telepany, tohososhi, totaero, ttaeng, sehunni, seoguma, seo-han, seosicat,seotaeri, sexyshidae, shineebabo, sicajungs, sicats, snowylifewish, sohyo, soojungdesu, soosicat, sooyeonssi, soshibars, soshifies, soshilicious, stepihwang, sujongz, sumired, suyonssi, wu-fan, yeujin, yeolsic, yoonao, yoongssi, yoonyvl, youreseofany, yurioppa

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I’m not tumblr famous.

I never wake up or go sleep to people sending me goodnight and goodmornings in my messages. Every note I get on my blogs gets me excited. Every note I get on my pictures makes me feel like people notice me. Every follower I get means a lot, every follow I lose is depressing. Every ask I get, I always answer back. That’s why I cherish it.

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well taeyeon aren’t you gay

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