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because you danced in front of 150+ sones just to get a damn taeyeon billboard lol

LMAO!!! I rememeber that day xD .. well, at least it was funny lol

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follow me again OuO

I did it!

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Anonymous said:
why do you like Jessica?

bc of her face omg


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overdosem said:
Where have you been all my life?

I’ve been everywhere, man ..looking for someone, someone who can please me love me all night long   


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Anonymous said:
I love you

I love me too


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Anonymous said:
hellooo different anon here. thats so sweet :') glad u were able to be honest with her! my family went through a really dark period when my parents first discovered my brother was gay. i found out on my own by accident but thought i was the only one who knew and had to keep it a secret for years! but anyway 10 years down the line theyve finally accepted it and now he can talk to my mum about his relationships:)

wow that’s awesome!! ;A; I don’t talk with my mom about my relationships.. I don’t know I feel a bit awkward lol, but I tell her some things like “I’m going out with a girl” or something like that :))

Btw, I’m so sorry for the late reply ;_; I hope you can read this.

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Anonymous said:
static(.)tumblr(.)com/8b1611dd70cc9ea4ba8aefbbb8fb1d41/ku173uw/CeFmhii7q/tumblr_static_d1(.)gif cómo lo hiciste? *u*

Como cualquier otro gif, puedes buscar tutoriales en youtube o aquí mismo en tumblr, si quieres saber otra cosa solo me mensajeas..

Por cierto, el video tiene fondo rosado es por eso que se veía así, disculpa por responderte tan tarde ;A;

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theflobear said:
i actually think your url is really clever, plus your reactions are kinda cute lol

askjhdkasjdk ;A; Thank youuuuuu <3

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Anonymous said:
Do you have a tumblr?